When men are full of joy, they get the emotions that give them a positive charge. We smile, we want to share our joy with others. This feeling may be caused by lots of different events and people around us, but certainly, the most powerful emotions are always connected with the beautiful half of humanity – women! They are always mysterious, funny, with their unique charisma, they decorate our life and make it more diverse!

It’s great that there is a special holiday, in which all the women of the world can feel that today is their own day. Story Beach Club team congratulates all women with the upcoming International Women`s Day – 8th of March! We wish you home warmth, happiness, love and understanding man near you. We also wish you your favorite, never ending perfume, sports car, which is impossible to scratch, and that will park itself ! Let you have as much free time as it is necessary for a good mood! Please stay always the most beautiful and positive!

On the 8th of March Restaurant Story is waiting for you at the gala dinner with the amazing show.

Công viên Phù Đổng, Trần Phú, P. Lộc Thọ, Tp. Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa

097 424 24 37

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